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About us

Group Companies

Venerable Capital is an international and diversified group of companies, whose core business is to manufacture and market a wide range of tobacco and beverage products worldwide.

Our main strategic business units are manufacturing, marketing and distribution.


At Venerable Capital we manufacture tobacco and beverage products in Spain, following the quality and product presentation parameters required by the legislations of the different markets in Africa, Europe and Asia.


Distribution is mainly carried out in Southern Europe and Africa thanks to our network of infrastructures which guarantees the logistical management of short and long-distance transport.


For the commercialisation of our wide product portfolio, we have a specialised sales force committed to our customers, offering personalised attention and an efficient after-sales service.



The principles of Venerable Capital Group are based on these values having a strong and solid organizational culture as a driver of the Company thanks to the sense of responsibility, loyalty, fidelity, and the involvement of the relationship between the Company, clients, and employees. Cooperation, transparency, and the adaptability to changes as the main keys of the Company.


The social diversity is the Group’s seal of identity, always looking for Talent & Professionalism in its members to offer the best customer service to clients and partners. Venerable Capital prioritizes work-family conciliation as well as gender equality as the way to ensure equal opportunities between men and women on international markets from Europe to Africa and Asia with an employment force where 80% of the workforce of employees are women.


But the soul of the Company is the altruistic implication in social responsibility and environmental sustainability actions focused on improving the people’s lives as well as the local area of the countries where the Group’s activity is developed.