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productos tabaco comet

COMET is a family company with a long history in the tobacco sector. Its origins date back to 1881 and its experience in the tobacco business has been passed down through several generations up to the present day.


COMET GHANA LTD has been the leading operator of Duty Free Shops in Ghana since 1996. International and local companies rely on COMET GHANA LTD to market their products through its network of 9 shops throughout the country, mainly located in strategic areas of ports and borders.

COMET CONGO was created in 2012 and has since become part of the Venerable Capital group of companies. Its headquarters and infrastructures are located in the capital, Kinshasa. The administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

productos duty free alquezar

Alquezar FZE is a Dubai-based global operator specialising in Duty Free sales, and is part of the Venerable Capital group, which sells in 20 countries. Focused on emerging markets with the aim of providing the best service on five continents.

tabaco y alcohol canarias

Since 2004, PROYECTOS ACTUALES SERIE has been part of the companies that make up the Venerable Capital group. Since 2007, it has become one of the leading companies in the Canary Islands tobacco and alcohol market, also developing its activity in Ceuta and Melilla.

pavimentos al por mayor eternia

Management of real estate assets.

empresas de exportacion de tabaco

The marketing of the Venerable Capital group is carried out through the sales teams of the UNIVERSAL TOBACCO COMPANY and NEW & NEXT companies. These sales forces specialise in the tobacco channel and have extensive experience in the tobacco, smoking accessories, beverages and gifts sectors.


WEST AFRICA & GULF COMPANY LTD is part of the Venerable Capital Group. It was established in 2010 with the aim of introducing international products to the local Ghanaian market.

dista distribuciones

DISTRIBUTION COSTA SARL is a new company created in 2018 and established in Ivory Coast that was created to distribute international products on the local Ivorian market. DISTRIBUTION COSTA SARL operates from its own warehouse to national supermarkets.

empresa distribución de tabaco lion king

DISTRIBUCIONES LION KING is a young company that was born thanks to the enthusiasm of a human team to face new challenges. DISTRIBUCIONES LION KING belongs to a group with a long history in distribution and marketing in the retail channel, due to its experience and knowledge in mass consumption, DLK markets and distributes Grow Shops and Cannabis Associations with paraphernalia items.



COMPARA is a young company founded on the enthusiasm of a sales team with a wealth of experience in the segment of accessories and paraphernalia in the liquor channel. Its close collaboration with the most representative national and international brands is the driving force behind it becoming a commercial leader in this product category. This category is evolving at the same pace as the consumption trends of the most in-demand brands, and Compara is committed to wholly meeting the needs of its customers at all times.