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Bikila Bitters

Thanks to its unique taste, as well as the sweet and aromatic wild orange smell, it makes it different from other liquors. Digestive and revitalizing.

Bottle Size | 700 ml.

  • Information of the Liquor

    Alcoholic Content35%vol
  • Making

    Its elaboration is a simple history of carefully selected herbs. This liquor was made using the highest quality herbs, spices, roots and fruits from around the world that are marinated and infused with alcohol to extract all the flavors they have to offer. After maceration, they are distilled to become the best tastes. The final distillate is used to produce this sweet and sour drink with a touch of orange; A great digestive, rich in flavor. During the production of our liquor, the extract is kept in barrels to obtain a balanced, sweet and specific herb flavor with an intense color.

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