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Friday Gin Pink

Bottle Size | PET 1 L, Glass 70 cl.

Alcohol | 37,5% vol.

  • Product Details

    Production The big secret to make a high quality gin is the distillate made from the Juniper berries. Ripened over 18 months, this gives the gin its distinctive flavour. To make it extra special in our case we add strawberry syrup to give it a full an unique character.

    Colour It has an attractive and intense pink colour, with an exceptional shine.
    Nose Its strawberry smell is the main protagonist, accompanied by more complex nuances of juniper and raspberry.
    Palate In the mouth, the strawberry flavour is very fruity and sweet, which gives us a very pleasant sensation. The finish is long and fresh, with notes of juniper berries and citrus.
Units x Case (PET, 1L)
Cases x Container 20" feet
Units x Case (Glass 70cl)
Cases x Container 20" feet