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Friday Gin

Bottle Size | Glass 1L, Glass 0,35L and PET 1L

Alcohol | 45% vol.

  • Making

    Its preparation consists of 2 stages. A first stage in which homogenization and mixing take place following certain parameters; and a second, consisting of an industrial process in which the alcohol is adjusted and filtered to prepare it for subsequent bottling.

  • Testing notes

    Visual phaseClean and crystalline in appearance.
    Olfactory phaseOn the nose it has a balanced intensity and its aromatic complexity is very fresh.
    Gustatory phaseIn the mouth, along with the typical juniper flavor, you can also appreciate citrus notes and various botanicals (coriander, licorice, angelica). From the outset, its dry and deep character prevails to finish submerging the palate subtly with its softness.
Units x Case (Glass, 1L)
Cases x Container 20" feet
Units x Case (PET 1L)
Cases x Container 20" feet
Units x Case (Glass 35cl.)
Cases x Container 20" feet