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    Vodka Red Tzarina

    Red Tzarina is the original premium vodka that combines modern distilling of the highest quality spirit with an old tradition to create its bold character.

    Bottle Size | Glass 1 L, Glass 0,35 L and PET 1 L.

    • product details

      Type Vodka
      Alcohol content37,5% vol.
      ProductionThere are several stages to create this single out vodka. Starting with the fermentation of the sugars obtained from its main ingredients: potato, wheat and rye. Subsequently, it is distilled obtaining a colorless liquid with high alcohol content that will be filtered to clean it of impurities and will be reduced with the best water.
    • Tastes notes

      ColourIt stands out for its clean and crystalline appearance, which gives it an exceptional shine.
      NoseOn the nose it is neutral and very subtle.
      PalateIn the mouth it transmits its soft and pleasant character, while its strength and personality are appreciated.
    Units x Case (Glass, 1L)
    Cases x Container 20" feet
    Units x Case (PET 1L)
    Cases x Container 20" feet
    Units x Case (Glass 35cl.)
    Cases x Container 20" feet