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Whisky Shaka Black

Blended whisky with a golden color and medium body, on the nose and palate you will find hints of alcohol. Fresh aroma somewhat sweet and smooth.

Bottle Size | 700 ml and 1000 ml

  • Product details

    Type Whisky
    Production/Aging Production, when the blending and homogenization of the components supplied takes place with rough adjustments in line with the final specifications. Industrial process, which consists in adjusting the spirit whisky, in line with its specifications, withdrawing spirit, and then filtering it to prepare it for bottling and packing for dispatch.
    Alcoholic Content 40%vol
    Total SO2 ≤ 10 ppm
  • Taste Notes

    Colour Golden color, medium-bodied.
    Nose Isoamyl notes.
    Palate Fresh aroma, sweet, fruity and soft.

Guía Peñín Rating

Units x Case

Cases x Container 20'' Feet