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Brandy Bernardo Gálvez

A bright color with amber tones. Aroma that evokes the fine white wines and distilled herbal essence preserved in American oak that the tradicional process brings. Shows the maturity that the Solera process requires.

Origin | Jerez

Bottle Size | Glass 1L, Glass 0,35L and PET 1L

  • Information of the Liquor

    Production/AgingThe elaboration “Cabeceos” consists in the blending and homogenization of the components with gross adjustments to the final specifications. The ageing in oak casks with an individual capacity of 500 to 600 litters according to the Sherry method of “criadera” and “solera”. The industrial part of the process takes place adjusting the Brandy Solera, and filtering it to make it suitable to bottle and pack for expedition.
    Alcoholic Content36%vol
    Colour: I.P.T10.5-70T40
    Total Sugar≤ 13 gr/l
  • Tasting Notes

    ColourIt has a dark gloss amber color and golden touches.
    NoseOn the nose, the most recognizable notes are those of caramel and oak wood together with the unmistakable aroma of the best Holandas of wine.
    PalateIn the mouth, it is persistent and balanced, a consequence of the long rest in wood. It has a rich complexity due to the notes of vanilla, almond and toasted wood it presents.
Units x Case (Glass, 1L)
Cases x Container 20" feet
Units x Case (PET 1L)
Cases x Container 20" feet
Units x Case (Glass 35cl.)
Cases x Container 20" feet