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    The sunflower oil market

    The sunflower oil market

    Good Morning! Today at Venerable Capital, a company for the marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we want to talk to you about one of our products, specifically the sunflower oil market and also give you quite interesting information about it.

    sunflower oil

    The sunflower oil market

    In Spain and even in foreign countries, the oil with the leading role has always been olive oil, but this for various reasons and motives can change over time. Only in Spain, sunflower oil is gradually going back to olive oil, creating an approximate annual consumption of 250,000 tons.

    It must also be taken into account that the consumption of this oil is mostly generated by the agri-food sector, with a total of approximately 70,000 tons per year requested by fish canning companies, for example. Thus, other food sectors, such as snacks, cookies, pastries, precooked foods, and other foods that previously used palm oil, are now nourished by sunflower oil, thus making everything much healthier.

    Therefore, the sunflower oil market has been overcrowded thanks to the rise in the prices of oils such as olive oil and other vegetables such as soybean; Furthermore, we must add all the commotion that the consumption of palm oil and its harmful role in the human body caused in nutritionists, doctors and even in the WHO itself, making the most perfect and complete substitute for sunflower oil.

    Sunflower oil Olé


    Our sunflower oil is rich in vitamin A and is completely refined, which makes it possible for all its uses to be quality enriched. At the same time it will enhance the flavor of all dishes and desserts.

    In addition, we have 3 bottle formats depending on the need you have; 1 liter, 1.8 liters and 5 liters.

    Looking for a perfect oil? Ours will meet everything you are looking for.

    So far our introduction to the sunflower oil market, and the presentation of our oil. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. See you soon!

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