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Beer export and consumption in Spain


Beer export and consumption in Spain

Good morning, today from Venerable Capital, alcohol and tobacco marketing and distribution company , we will talk about the export of beer in Spain and consumption. In addition to the types of beer that you can find in our product catalog. Go for it !

Beer export

In the first place, we will talk about the export of beer focusing on Spain, since this is considered an exporting power since the number of exports has been multiplied by four in recent years, which is why we consider an interesting topic to discuss today in our blog . Said exports in Spain have grown in recent years by 3%, reaching 2.97 million hectoliters (about 297 million liters). The main European destination countries for these imports are Portugal and France.

The consumption of this drink has also increased in recent years since in 2019 a series of favorable factors such as tourism made this curve continue to rise compared to subsequent years, exceeding 41 million hectoliters (4100 million liters), a increase of approximately 3.4%. Regarding this consumption, it should be noted that Spain is one of the countries that has the highest percentage of non-alcoholic beer consumption in relation to total beer in our framework since 48% of those who consume this type of drink choose this variety sometime.

beer consumption evolution

What is the type of person who drinks beer like?

Beer is considered a type of transversal drink since the fact that more than 80% of adult Spaniards consume it almost regularly makes it one of the best-known beverages. The Spanish brewer is defined as a person who considers family, free time and friends as pillars of his life. In addition to being people aware of the environment and sustainability.
beer consumption evolution

Santa Isabel y Santa Malt

In our product catalog you can find both Cerveza Santa Isabel and Santa Malt.

beer without barley beer without barley

In the first case, it is an alcoholic drink made only with natural ingredients such as barley malt, water and hops. It is a lager beer, with a very creamy and consistent head. You will love savoring its fresh and fruity flavor with a bitter touch.

On the other hand, we have Santa Malt beer, perfect for those who prefer to opt for a non-alcoholic option since with its sweet taste and intense aroma and containing only barley and hops base, this beer from Malta becomes a perfect option.

We hope you liked and served this article to learn a little more about this well-known drink and the options that we have. Feel free to contact us with any questions.  Happy day!