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    Sachet. What is it and what are its uses?

    Good morning, today from Venerable Capital, company of marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we will talk about a product related to alcoholic beverages. In this case, we will talk about what is known as sachet and what are its different uses within the world of food or drink.
    For many the word sachet will be totally unknown. This product is a kind of sealed envelope or bag used for the preservation of a product inside. This format allows great versatility, versatility and ease of transport.READ MORE

    hacienda casarejo

    What is grape must and the differences with wine?

    ¡Good morning to you all! Today, from Venerable Capital, specialists in the distribution and export of drinks, we bring you an entry about a non-alcoholic drink. In this case we will talk about what is popularly known as grape must, or non-alcoholic wine.
    It is very common to read enophiles to talk continuously about the quality and taste of wines. However, virtually no mention is made of the other products that are extracted from the manufacturing process. Grape must is what you might know as grape juice.READ MORE