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    types of red wine

    Types of red wine and how to combine it

    Good afternoon! Today at Venerable Capital, specialists in alcohol and tobacco marketing and distribution, we have a blog that will surely attract your attention. We will tell you about the types of red wine that exist and how to combine them to get the most out of them.

    There is a wide variety of wines that we must know to choose the one that best matches our dishes. In this way we can make any meal a complete gastronomic enjoyment. You will always be right with your decision!READ MORE

    wine liking

    Wine liking, Determine your personality?

    Today in Venerable Capital, experts in commercialization and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we want to talk you about how wine liking may define your personality. Are you a wine lover? In that case you have to read this post to know everything.

    A study realised in United Kindom says that the consumption of a type of wine and social habits are so related. Do you want to know why?READ MORE

    corps vin rouge

    Quality red wine: characteristics and properties

    Good morning! Today from Venerable Capital , specialists in distribution and commercialization of alcohol and tobacco, we are going to talk to you about the different characteristics that a quality red wine has to got. Do you know which they are?

    Many experts and sommeliers think that there are none bad or good red wines, it depends on the characteristics and personal opinions from each one. But if there is something in which we can agree is the fact that there are three characteristics or properties that can determine the quality of the red wine.READ MORE