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    What you need to know before exporting alcoholic beverages

    impuestos bebidas alcohólicas

    What you need to know before exporting alcoholic beverages

    Good morning everyone, today at Venerable Capital, specialists in the marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we bring you a very interesting new blog: what you need to know before exporting alcoholic beverages. We will talk about the documents and customs procedures necessary to carry out export operations.

    The internationalization of alcoholic beverages is a good way to get new opportunities for your company. Starting this business outside of Spain could bring higher profits in a competitive way, by getting more clients abroad. In addition, positioning your products and services in a correct way can lead you to lead the market.

    At Venerable Capital, we are dedicated to international marketing in the best markets in the world, with a wide variety of products, including alcoholic beverages. We have different teams and commercial agreements with the best distribution chains in more than 20 countries.

    what to know before exporting

    Some tips before you start exporting

    Thanks to the globalization process, greater possibilities of expansion have been opened for companies that want to develop their commercial activities in other countries.

    Exporting alcoholic beverages implies having a good strategic planning and international marketing development that allow you to achieve your goals. Here are some tips before you think about exporting:

    • Register and protect your trademark with the application valid for 128 countries or request the European patent
    • Check if your alcoholic beverages can be exported
    • Conduct a market study to determine potential earnings
    • Participate in international business conferences to learn more, create strategic alliances and attract clients
    • You should have the help of qualified personnel in exports to ensure greater success
    • Find out about all the procedures, documentation and required taxation
    • Define everything related to logistics, transport and distribution

    Export of alcoholic beverages

    Procedures necessary to export alcoholic beverages 

    The international marketing process involves meeting a series of requirements from a legal and logistical point of view. If you are thinking of launching into the export of alcoholic beverages, it is essential that you know the documents and customs requirements you will need.

    Basic documentation

    • Commercial: commercial invoice and packing list with all the specifications of the merchandise and the exporter. Certificate of origin of the European Community and the ATA card as a unified customs document.
    • Transport: depending on whether the type of transport is air, rail, land or sea, you must have the transport contract, the bill of lading, airway invoice or international consignment note.
    • Certificate of origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • ATA notebook for the passage of the merchandise through the border and CPD notebook for the payment or exemption of tariffs


    Customs and tax documentation

    • Census declaration in the Treasury for the start of international activity
    • Registry of Intra-Community Operations
    • Merchandise Movement Certificate
    • INTRASAT declaration for merchandise circulation data
    • Single Administrative Document (DUA) for customs clearance


    Taxes inside and outside the European Union

    The export of alcoholic beverages must have a certificate of manufacture by the competent body and the report of the country of origin of the product. This activity is regulated by the Mercantile Organization of the European Union, which certifies the labeling, presentation and packaging.

    All shipments of alcoholic beverages must be accompanied by the proper documentation for the control of the authorities and verification of the payment of applicable taxes. It is also necessary to have an authorized depositary to ensure that the merchandise is subject to excise duties.

    International Regulations

    For international shipments of alcoholic beverages, regulations are often common and will need to be processed through the supplier. For this, you need the commercial invoice in detail and make confirmation of authorized delivery.

    Alcoholic beverages for export must have: a detailed description of the type of alcohol, the quantity of the merchandise, the description of the type of packaging and the brand. Additionally, the data of the place and winery of origin, the degrees of alcohol, commercial invoice code and if the drink is for personal or commercial consumption will be placed.

    European Union regulations

    Alcoholic beverages can be marketed within Spain and the European Union, except in Finland and Sweden, and any other place that does not belong to the European customs zone or the common VAT tax system.

    Alcoholic beverages are subject to excise duties in all member countries and must be canceled in the receiving member state. Therefore, the merchandise is transferred from one state to another and the tax is paid once it reaches its final destination.

    exportAspects of the internationalization of alcoholic beverages

    International Chamber of Commerce has developed a series of rules to regulate contracts for the purchase and sale of merchandise, called incoterms. The fundamental objective is to clarify all the aspects of costs and risks of the transport of international merchandise.

    The incoterms regulate the delivery of the products, the transfer of risks, the distribution of expenses between the seller and the buyer, and also the responsibility for the management of customs procedures.

    Another important aspect is to define the form of payment of the export prior agreement between the parties, which may be advance payment, bank intermediation or documentary credit.

    At Venerable Capital, we provide you with everything you need to make yourself known worldwide, with our international marketing and distribution units for your product. We use different means of sale for the processing of orders and the most efficient personalized attention.

    With Venerable you can be present in the best markets and with excellent operational logistics to promote your products. If you are thinking of exporting alcoholic beverages, do not hesitate to contact us to advise you on the best service. See you soon!

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