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What does the beverage distribution process involve?

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What does the beverage distribution process involve?

Good morning everyone! At Venerable Capital, an expert company in the export and distribution of beverages, we talk to you about the beverage distribution process and everything you need to know.

Currently, many small companies are emerging that are dedicated to the manufacturing of gins, rums, beers or other craft alcoholic beverages. Their specialty is the creation of these artisanal beverages, but they have no idea what the drink distribution process involves. If the company is interested in growing and marketing its beverages in new markets, It is very important to have the help of a distribution company.

What does the alcoholic beverage distribution process involve?

A company specialized in the distribution of beverages will be in charge of:

– Order and returns management: This process includes inventory management, shipment coordination, returns management, and order tracking.

– Administration of customs procedures: coordination of everything necessary so that beverages can be imported or exported from a country. This includes registering the merchandise, paying taxes and fees, submitting required documentation, and obtaining any necessary permits.

– Supply, storage and product stock control: ensure that beverages are available at the right time and place. And that they are kept in a safe and suitable state for consumption. These activities include stock management, coordination of supply, safe storage of beverages and control of their stock levels.

– Creation of promotional material: preparation of advertisements and other advertising content to promote the consumption of the drink. These are materials that are aimed at an adult audience and that focus on the positive aspects of the consumption of alcoholic beverages, such as socialization and enjoyment. Alcoholic beverage promotional material typically consists of merchandising such as t-shirts and caps, often used to promote events.

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How can Venerable Capital help you with beverage distribution?

Venerable Capital develops its distribution activity in southern Europe and Africa through its companies. Thanks to them, it has a network of infrastructures spread over both continents. This makes it possible to efficiently guarantee the logistics management of transport for short and long distances.

The distribution companies of the group COMET, COMET GHANA, COMET CONGO and PASE, allow the development of quality distribution, and guarantee operational control through its distribution network.

The technical specialization and qualified professionalism of its human team elevate COMET to be among the leading distribution companies. Lleadership achieved through its specialization in tobacco distribution, later expanded to other sectors such as beverages, accessories and technology.

Clients and partners from all over the world trust Venerable Capital for its commitment to always offer aqualified and flexible service on demand. We offer a portfolio of comprehensive services in the distribution of beverages, tobacco and food.

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If you are interested in having Venerable Capital help you with the distribution of beverages, contact us.