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    Economic contribution of the tobacco sector


    Economic contribution of the tobacco sector

    Hi everyone! Today from Venerable Capital, experts in the tobacco’s export, we want to share with you the economic and social importance that tobacco marketing has. In our country, there are many companies and workers who obtain income thanks to their participation in production and distribution. ¿Do you want to know how? Today we talk to you about the economic contribution of the tobacco sector.

    Economic contribution of the tobacco

    Tobacco’s origin

    The origin of tobacco is a controversial subject and has been the subject of various theories over the years. However, archaeological and botanical evidence suggests that the tobacco plant (Nicotiana tabacum) is native to the tropical regions of South and Central America.

    The earliest known records of tobacco use date back some 5,000 years to the pre-Columbian culture of the Maya, who used it for ritual and medicinal purposes. From there, the use of tobacco spread to other indigenous cultures of the Americas, such as the Aztecs and the Incas.

    During the 16th century, Spanish and Portuguese explorers arrived in the Americas and discovered tobacco, which led to its introduction in Europe and its subsequent spread throughout the world. Tobacco consumption spread rapidly throughout Europe and Asia, and in the 17th century it became an important source of income for European colonies in the Americas.

    ¿What does the process of making cigarettes give us?

    From the cultivation of the tobacco leaf, until the sale of the pack, there are several processes in which approximately 50.000 people are involved in Spain, assuming an important engine to the development of the society.

    Tobacco’s leaf farming

    Extremadura is the community that contributes to the most of tobacco leaf production, generating an economic value of 139 million euros. Since 17,62% of households in Extremadura are linked to this activity, we are facing into a powerful generator of employment and a tool to combat depopulation.

    Tobacco’s manufacturing and production

    As in Extremadura, the cigarette production process is a boost for the growth of the Cantabrian and Canarian industry.The manufacturing and production generated by both industries has reached a value of around 700 million euros.

    Tobacco’s distribution

    The companies wich are involved in the tobacco’s distribution, invest in innovation with te aim of improving in sustainabilty and providing some stabilty to their workers, managing to generate approximately 7500 jobs per year. In addition it highlights its contribution to gender equility by getting on an increase in female employment.

    Social commitment of the tobacco sector

    Currently the tobacco sector contributes to the achievement of the ONU sustainable development goals. Among these objectives is the reduction of polluting emissions. They also fight for gender equality. How do they do that?. Promoting the hiring of women.

    Venerable Capital is one of the last links of the tobacco distribution chain, because one of its functions is to export it to other parts of the world, including Africa. It is therefore also part of the economic contribution of tobacco.

    If you are interested to know more details about the export of tobacco in Spain, and what kind of restrictions have the companies face to, press here.

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