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    How to properly store wine

    store wine

    How to properly store wine

    Good Morning! Today from Venerable Capital, society of marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we are going to talk about how to store wine and we will give you some tips, we hope you find it useful!

    As wine lovers we are, it is likely that you have ever wondered if you are storing the bottles well, so that the wine keeps all its flavor. To know how to store wine correctly, in this article we will see what are the best tips and tricks to do it and maintain the quality of the wine.

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    There are several determining factors to properly preserve and store wine, and it will depend on them that in the future we can enjoy the wine in the optimal conditions of consumption. Once the wine is acquired, we must follow the following guidelines:

    Tips to store wine correctly

    Maintaining the wine bottles at the right

    The temperature at which we keep our wine bottles is one of the main factors that we must take into consideration to avoid having our wines ruined. The ideal temperature is between 12 and 16 degrees: the temperature must be maintained constantly.

    Control environmental humidity

    Like the temperature, the humidity of the environment is a factor that we must control to obtain the optimum quality. The place we are going to choose to store our bottles must be fresh and its humidity must be between 70 and 80 percent so that the cork does not dry out or get wet.

    Avoid exposing the wine to direct sunlight

    Light is a factor that can accelerate the degradation of the wine if the bottle is directly exposed to light, both natural and artificial. It is essential that the place where we store our bottles is dark, since the incidence of light on them can cause chemical reactions such as oxidation of wine.

    Isolation of strong odors

    Keeping our bottles in a place with good ventilation will prevent the taste and aroma of our wines from being altered by external agents.

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    The position in which we place our wine bottles when storing it is essential to preserve its organoleptic characteristics. Therefore, it is interesting to always place our bottles horizontally. In this way we will ensure that the wine and the cork are in permanent contact and it does not dry, which would lose its elasticity and the closure of the bottle would no longer be airtight.

    Conservation times

    It is very important to know which wines are suitable for longer preservation and which are better to drink soon, since not all wines improve over time. In general, young wines should be drunk in the year they are harvested, the aging during the following five years and the reserves and large reserves can be preserved for about 10 or 15 years.

    From Venerable Capital we hope this article will help you. If you want to be up to date on all the articles that we upload, do not hesitate to visit our website! See you again soon!

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