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    Malt Beverage. Have you taste it?

    boisson maltée

    Malt Beverage. Have you taste it?

    Good afternoon again everyone! Today Venerable Capital, expert in exporting and marketing of tobacco and beverages, brings a new blog entry. In this case, we will talk about one of the more unknown drinks in our catalogue. It is known as malt beverage.

    The malt beverage is a non-alcoholic drink made with roasted barley. It is a product which is considered by many people as a good coffee substitute. However, it is characterised by its lack of caffeine. Its flavour is much milder than that of traditional coffee. It is also a drink known for its multiple nutritional benefits.

    How is the malt beverage made?

    As we have already mentioned, this drink is made from dried and roasted barley. Normally, the malt drying process is carried out in two shifts. During the first shift, the malt is dried at a temperature of around 30º for one day. In the second roasting and kilning, it is kilned at 45º for about 12 hours. Depending onthe intensity of the flavour that we want to obtain, we will roast the malt more or less strongly. .

    Normally, malt is characterised by having a sweet flavour, a caramel smell and a perfect texture for cold serving. There are malts of categories with much darker appearances due to their more intense roasting. .


    Benefits of drinking malt

    It is quite common for malt beverage to be used during slimming diets. This is due to its high level of amino acids and low level of fat. In addition, most of the composition of this drink is water.

    Among other benefits we can highlight:

    • Decreases hypertension: We have already mentioned that it is a kind of energy drink without caffeine. By consuming it, people with low blood pressure have a lower risk of suffering heart problems.
    • Strengthens bones: the malt beverage is also rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. These are the main supplements for strong>stronger and better bone development.
    • Rich in vitamins: the malt drink has vitamins A, B and E. Most of all, it is rich in vitamin B. This vitamin is necessary for metabolising different foods, and improving vision.

    If you are interested in trying malt beverage, Santa Malt, available in 330ml cans, don’t hesitate to try it!

    santa malt

    See you soon with another blog post.

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