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    Manufacture of bitter drinks, such as Bikila

    Gran variedad de fabricación de bebidas bitters para ser degustadas

    Manufacture of bitter drinks, such as Bikila

    From Venerable Capital we greet you all and welcome the post on the manufacture of bitter drinks. Sounds interesting, right? As you know, one of our most popular drinks is “Bikila Bitters”, a drink with a unique flavor and a sweet smell of wild orange, in addition to digestive and revitalizing. As we know that you really like this type of liquor, we have thought about telling you about the manufacture of bitter drinks.

    different cocktails from the manufacture of bitter drinks

    What are bitter drinks?

    It is an alcoholic drink with a strong aromatic character that is made from herbs, which makes it digestive. It has a characteristic bitter flavor and is mainly used to give a special touch to cocktails.

    Aspects to consider in the manufacture of bitter drinks

    What botanicals to use?

    To manufacture them, bitter-tasting roots, barks or leaves are used, in addition to other botanical ingredients that contribute to the flavor, smell and digestive character of the drink.

    It is advisable to use whole ingredients and avoid powders. It is also convenient to cut these ingredients into big pieces, which will allow a larger surface to infuse.

    In general, the bitter ingredients make up between 10 and 50% of the preparation. Among many others, good options to use are:

    • Angelica root
    • Artichoke leaves
    • Black walnut leaves
    • Citrus peel
    • Gentian root
    • Licorice root

    Flavorings is another important point in the manufacture of bitter drinks, and for this we can use many types of grass, fruit or flower.

    It is always better to work with organic elements, such as fruit peels. It proves that there is a lot of variety!

    We propose some examples for you to start creating:

    • Spices: Anise, cardamom, chili peppers, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, ginger
    • Herbs and flowers: chamomile, lavender, mint, rose, thyme
    • Fruits: Citrus peel like orange, lemon, grapefruit, and dried fruit like figs or raisins

    What alcohol to use?

    It is convenient to use a liquor with a high alcohol content, for example 50%, which will allow maximum extraction and flavor preservation.
    If we use grain alcohol or vodka in the manufacture of bitter drinks, we will obtain a more neutral flavor.

    It is also possible to try drinks like rum or other spirits like rye.

    manufacture of bitter drinks by bartender

    Additional ingredients in the manufacture of bitter drinks

    Another alternative to bitters is to make them slightly sweetened with syrup, caramel, honey or other sweeteners.

    They can also be diluted with distilled water.

    How to make the infusion?

    There are 2 different methods of making bitter drinks. The first method, which is the simplest, is to combine all the botanicals and make a joint infusion. Making the separate infusion and putting everything together later, is the second method.

    The second method is better, because not all the infusions are ready at the same time, and in this way we have greater control.

    Regardless, the first method also works, and perhaps is the best option to start.

    Bartenders preparing a cocktail from a manufacture of bitter drinks

    We encourage you to try making your own! If you do not dare, remember that Bikila is a delicious drink and that it always works.

    If you want to know more about this and other drinks, contact us. See you soon!

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