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    Non-alcoholic Wines of Venerable Capital, a highly recommended option

    vino tinto español

    Non-alcoholic Wines of Venerable Capital, a highly recommended option

    Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog of the Venerable Capital group. On another occasion we talk about our alcoholic beverages, today it is the turn of non-alcoholic beverages, specifically our non-alcoholic wines. From Venerable Capital, manufacturers and distributors of beverages at an international level, we are aware of the importance of a good commercial network capable of reaching all over the world. That is why today we want to tell you about our portfolio of non-alcoholic wines of international scope.

    The star products of soft drinks

    We have a quality selection of non-alcoholic beverages of various categories, from non-alcoholic wines to soft drinks, juices and energy drinks. Like the rest of our products, non-alcoholic beverages are manufactured under current regulations, complying with all guidelines and regulations that protect the best results.

    Non-alcoholic Wines

    The non-alcoholic wines of Venerable Capital

    Within our portfolio of non-alcoholic beverage products we have a section of non-alcoholic wines, in which you can find both red wine and sparkling wine or must.

    Red Wine Holy

    Alcohol-free red wine Holy is a refreshing drink with citrus flavor, malvasia grape juice and apple.

    vino tinto en bebidas no alcohólicas

    Red Must

    Our red must of the brand Hacienda Casarejo is a grape juice without alcohol produced with the best grapes without added dyes or sugars, and has a mild and light flavor.

    el mosto rojo de las bebidas no alcohólicas

    White Must

    Our white must from the Hacienda Casarejo brand has a distinctive, clear and bright color. In addition, it stands out for its flavor is soft and light with its refreshing nuance bubbling in the mouth.

    el mosot blanco de las bebidas no alcohólicas

    Sparkling Wine

    Sparkling wine Santa Isabel brand is a bubbly and colorful non-alcoholic drink. It is available in several sweet and fruity flavors and is ideal for cold drinks. santa isabel sparkling - Non-alcoholic Wines We hope you enjoy tasting our selection of wines without alcohol. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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