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    New soft drinks with Venerable Capital

    refresco de naranja santa orange

    New soft drinks with Venerable Capital

    Good morning everyone and welcome back to the blog. Today at Venerable Capital, a company for the marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we are here to talk about soft drinks, their properties and how you can mix them. Let’s go there!

    Properties of refreshing drinks

    Refreshing drinks, soft drinks or sodas are non-alcoholic drinks mainly composed of water to which sugar, juices, vitamins, among other elements are added. With these ingredients, drinks are created with a great variety of flavors, both sweet, bitter and citrus.

    Soft drinks, today, are very consolidated in society and their use is practically almost daily, but that is not harmful as people may think. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), they are part of the food group with an important role within the European diet due to their hydration.

    Another quality that this type of drink has is its gas, which makes this drink so special and characteristic. Carbon dioxide causes the drink to maintain its essence and flavor, it also does not have any calories, but an abusive use of this can produce a non-appetite effect.

    Soft drinks can also be mixed to create unique cocktails and drinks. If you want to delight your guests, you can offer an “Orange Light Time” is a cocktail made with orange soda, refreshing and innovative with which you will surely surprise them. And if your thing is lemon soda, try a “Light Lemon Soup” very simple to make and with which you will surely succeed. Here we leave you a recipe. 

    Our soft drinks

    Within our non-alcoholic beverages section, you will find our two new refreshing drinks with orange and lemon and lime flavors.

    Santa Orange

    santa orange drink

    Santa Lemon & Lime

    santa lemon soft drink

    On our website, you can find other types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy and even mix with. Any other question or if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us. Until next time!

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