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    Pairing: white wine

    white wine pairing

    Pairing: white wine

    Good morning everyone! Today from Venerable Capital , a marketing and distribution company of wine, we want to talk to you about wine pairing, specifically the white wine pairing.

    What is pairing?

    The pairing is the balance between wine and food, taking into account the nuances of the dishes and thus avoiding excess nuances that can cause the opposite effect.

    Creating a successful fusion can be tricky due to the wide range of food and wine available. So that the art of combining food with this drink costs you less, we present 10 meals to pair with a delicious white wine .

    Learn more about pairing here.


    Recommended dishes for pairing with white wine

    Salads: this healthy dish is one that can be paired with a delicious white wine.

    – Cheeses: whatever type (sheep, goat, fresh or creamy), cheeses are one of the best options to pair with white wine.

    – Rice: any type of rice can be paired with a delicious white wine, be it black rice, paella or rice with vegetables.

    – Fish: if you are going to consume white fish, it is best that you opt for an acid wine that is not aged.

    – Seafood: it is usually paired with young and aromatic wines.

    – Sushi: It is recommended that Asian cuisine, in general, be enjoyed with a delicious white wine.

    – Iberian ham: this is one of the best foods to pair with white wine.

    – Vegetables: these are other foods that look great with white wine.

    – Meat: carpaccio and other cold cuts are the best with white wine.

    – Desserts: although normally, wines are usually eaten with starters or main courses.

    White wine suggestions

    As you have seen, there is a wide range of foods that you can pair with white wine. Next, we suggest that you try the different wines that we offer.

    Castillo Real Chardonnay

    white wine pairing


    Origin | Valdepeñas, Cuidad Real, Spain.

    Color: Bright straw color.

    Nose: Expressive, elegant aroma of ripe fruits and citrus.

    Paladar: On the palate it is tasty, full, greasy and fruity. Good acidity and long.


    Castillo Real Sauvignon Blanc

    white wine pairing


    Origin | Valdepeñas, Cuidad Real, Spain.

    Color: Pale yellow color.

    Nose: Of great aromatic complexity, ripe fruits and honey notes stand out with intensity.

    Paladar: Mild in the mouth, it is full and mellow.


    Hacienda Casarejo Blanco

    white wine pairing


    Origin | Valdepeñas, Cuidad Real, Spain.

    ColorCharacteristic color.

    NoseFrank smell to the nose.

    PaladarCharacteristic flavor without excessive acidity.



    We hope you put these tips into practice and enjoy a good meal with a good wine.

    If you have any questions about our wines, you can contact with us.

    See you in the next blog post from Venerable Capital.

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