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    Properties and benefits of beer

    bienfaits de la bière

    Properties and benefits of beer

    Good morning to all! Today, from Venerable Capital, specialists in the distribution and export of beverages, We explain the properties and benefits of beer.

    Its traditional ingredients include malt , yeast a, hops and carbon dioxide . Sometimes we can also find others such as spelled , wheat and even fruits . Its refreshing and addictive power due to the presence of alcohol or by mere cultural connotations make it one of the low alcohol drinks most popular on the planet . beer is the third most consumed beverage on the entire planet , behind water and tea.

    In addition, it is an important source of nutrients such as calcium , potassium , carbohydrates , magnesium , vitamin B9 or phosphorus , among others.

    benefits of beer

    Benefits of beer

    There are many benefits that this drink brings to our health , as long as we consume it in a moderate way . Some of them are:

    • It is highly moisturizing and helps muscle recovery
    • Helps us protect our body from cardiovascular diseases
    • Can delay the first signs of menopause in women
    • Prevents the appearance of cholesterol
    • Decreases the likelihood of heart attacks
    • It can be very useful for constipation and to stimulate the appetite
    • Reduces the chances of suffering malformations in the spinal cord
    • May contribute to the disappearance of carcinogens
    • Prevents the risk of fractures and osteoporosis

    Of course, we cannot forget that it is a source of energy and that a moderate consumption can help us improve our mood and mental state .

    If you are already a faithful follower of this drink or if after reading this article you have become one, you can take a look at it to our products. We have one of the best beers on the market made with natural ingredients and that you can consume in three different formats. Our beer Santa Isabel is a golden blonde , with creamy foam and < strong> consistent , with a fruity flavor and fresh and a refined bitterness.


    benefits of beer

    At Venerable Capital, specialists in the distribution and export of beverages , we have everything you need. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubt or query.

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