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    Rolling tobacco or boxed cigars?

    boxed cigars

    Rolling tobacco or boxed cigars?

    Good morning everybody! As in Venerable Capital we are experts in the export of  tobacco  and  products for smokers, today we will be making a comparison between the different ways in which we can find tobacco: for rolling or in its box.

    Differences between rolling tobacco or boxed cigars

    Although at first glance it may seem that rolling tobacco and manufactured cigarettes are simply two different ways of presenting tobacco, the truth is that they have several differences.

    The difference of rolling tobacco is that the consumer can give it the amount of tobacco he sees appropiate. Furthermore, it depends on the type of rolling tobacco produced. If it is expanded rolling tobacco or bulk tobacco, the number of cigarettes could be doubled compared to a sales format of the same conventional rolling tobacco weight.

    The advantage of rolling tobacco is that  since it is not assembled, the consumer can adapt the desired amount of tobacco in each cigarette depending on your preferences. On the other hand, the advantage of manufactured cigarettes is that they are ready for consumption so you do not need to roll the cigar, thus saving time and handling.

    What’s more, the consumer may prefer to consume already manufactured (boxed) cigarettes that the customer can enjoy at the moment without using his time to roll and prepare the cigarette.

    boxed cigars

    We hope you found this article helpful and now you know what kind of tobacco you prefer: boxed or rolling cigarettes. At Venerable Capital we export both cigarettes and cigars and rolling tobacco through our company COMET which offers high quality products for smokers and cigarettes. If you’re thinking of starting an export process or want to know more about this process, don’t wait any longer! Fill out our contact form. We are waiting for your inquiry!

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