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Empresas duty free de venerable capital

Duty Free Companies With Venerable Capital

Good morning everyone and welcome one more day to our blog. As you know, Venerable Capital is a company specialized in the export of beverages and tobacco. Among all the companies that make up our group, there are some that are specialized in duty free.

What are Duty Free companies?

Before we start talking about our Duty Free companies, we believe it is important to define what a duty free company is and what its operation is.

duty freeDuty free means, as its name indicates, duty-free local and national businesses. It is very common to find them in international areas, such as airports and seaports.

In other words, you find known and high quality products at a reduced price since they are not subject to any type of tax.

Duty Free Companies of Venerable Capital

Being present in many countries of the world, we saw an important business opportunity in the Duty Free.

Therefore, in our group there are two companies specialized in this sector: Alquezar FZE and Comet Ghana.

Alquezar FZE

Alquezar is a global operator based in Dubai specializing in duty free sales. The focus of this company is on emerging markets with the objective of providing the best service in the five continents.

Its product portfolio is made up of Santa Juice Isabel, soft drinks, such as the Flash Thunder energy drink, Santa Isabel soft drinks and malt drink.

Comet Ghana

duty freeComet Ghana is the main Duty Free business operator in Ghana since 1996. Thanks to its extensive experience in the sector, international and local companies rely on them to market their products through each of their nine stores.

Among the products that it sells, are consumer goods, spirits, wine, beer and juices.

Our companies are the best platform for those businesses interested in entering the Duty Free business. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. Until the next post!

Three drinks recommendations for summer

Three Drinks Recommendations For Summer

Good morning everybody from Venerable Capital, a company specializing in the export and import of beverages and tobacco. Today we are going to tell you about some of our favourite alcoholic beverages available in our product portfolio. We have a very wide range of high-quality alcoholic beverages which we distribute internationally, but as mentioned above, we will introduce you to three of the best drinks recommendations for summer.


Tile industry

The tile industry and its history


But before we start talking about what we do, we believe it is necessary to tell the origin of our products. And we are not referring to our particular company, but to the history behind floors and tiles.

All cultures, for more than 6000 years, have manufactured their own tiles, tiles and decorative elements. In Venerable Capital, from his company Eternia, he uses the best materials to guarantee a perfect result.


tile industry


The tile industry

While tiles are found throughout the world, the part of the tile export industry is dominated by Italian and Spanish companies. Although China produces most of these products with difference, in ceramic tile exports we are the leaders.

That is where Eternia works, developing stone pavements and surfaces of high strength and durability, with an attractive, functional and innovative design. Based in Castellón, Eternia is a leading company that works with the best raw material, knowing that the best tiles are manufactured in Castellón.


tile industry


Have you ever set foot in Tocumen International Airport in Panama, or Arpada College in Madrid? Then you have walked on Eternia’s high quality tiles. However, has it ever crossed your mind though what these tilestones are made off and what characteristics they have?


Tile industry



What are tiles made of?

Have you ever been to the Tocumen International Airport in Panama or the Arpada College in Madrid? Then, you have walked on high quality tiles from Eternia. However, have you ever thought about what materials are used to achieve this quality and what characteristics they have?


tile industry


So, are you finding yourself getting excited about tilestone after reading this? Make sure to take a look at Eternia if you are looking for a new tile floor in your company or business.

We wish you a pleasant day, here at Venerable Capital!