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    Sachet. What is it and what are its uses?


    Sachet. What is it and what are its uses?

    Good morning, today from Venerable Capital, company of marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we will talk about a product related to alcoholic beverages. In this case, we will talk about what is known as sachet and what are its different uses within the world of food or drink.
    For many the word sachet will be totally unknown. This product is a kind of sealed envelope or bag used for the preservation of a product inside. This format allows great versatility, versatility and ease of transport.

    Characteristics of the sachet

    As we have already mentioned, this format facilitates the preservation of a product in small quantities. Due to its small size, the transport of this is made much easier, and cheaper, as it can be transported in large quantities.
    The sachet is usually packaged in a rectangular envelope. The envelope usually has a smooth texture to the touch, and is quite fine, since materials such as paper or plastics are used. All this allows a completely hermetic closure of the product.

    sachet ginUse of it

    Many of you may wonder how these particular and difficult-to-see products are used. It is recommended that once the product has been opened, it is made use of in the shortest possible time, since due to its format it cannot be closed again.
    Sachets can be filled with different products, such as powders, gels, liquids. Therefore, it is advisable to use the sachet once it has been opened, since there is the possibility of its spill.

    sachet whisky

    At Venerable Capital we have a wide variety and catalogue of sachet packaged products. Among these different sachet formats we can find the main alcoholic drinks such as Whisky, Gin, Rum. These products come packaged in 50 milliliter formats and packaged in boxes with 200 units.
    Here is the end of today’s blog post. We hope you have been as interesting as us to know this packaging format. Do not hesitate to look at our catalogue of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Happy day!

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