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    Spanish wine, the most exported within the last year

    venerable capital spanish wine

    Spanish wine, the most exported within the last year

    Good morning! In today’s blog post of Venerable Capital, experts in the distribution and exportation of alcoholic beverages we will talk about how Spanish wine has been the most exported and marketed in the past year 2018 all around the world. Keep on reading!

    Spanish wine: world leader

    It is no secret that Spain is a leader in wine production. Thus, in Spain we find 13% of the vineyards of the world, which represent a total of 969,000 hectares. Because Spain is a great producer of high quality wine, the rest of the countries in both the European Union and the rest of the world continually demand Spanish wine, considering it a luxury and expensive product.

    spanish wine

    The main customers of Spain are located in countries of the European Union because of its proximity and the few barriers when it comes to international trading. As a result, the main customers of Spain in terms of wine exports are France, with 5.9 million hectolitres exported in 2018 and  Germany, with 3.9 million hectolitres.

    Africa, a booming market

    In comparison to other continents, Africa is the continent that has experienced the most growth when talking about wine exportation in the first quarter of 2019, reaching a total of  37.5 million litres.

    Among the main countries in Africa that opt for the export of Spanish wine are Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Morocco and South Africa, the latter being also a great market in terms of wine production.

    Within the African countries, Morocco  acquires a great importance as it has become the country that invests the most in Spanish wine (always with denomination of origin), reaching to pay up to 9.25 euros for each liter of wine.

    spanish wine export

    Regarding to export volume Nigeria ranks first, although it pays a lower price per litre than Morocco. South Africa also has a high export volume of Spanish wine, although 2018 data states that the average price per litre payable was around 1.58 euros.

    We hope you found this article interesting. At Venerable Capital we are experts in the export distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, so if you are interested in starting to export Spanish wine to one of the countries mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.

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