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    Vegan wine: Characteristics and how to differentiate

    vegan wine

    Vegan wine: Characteristics and how to differentiate

    Good afternoon! Today at Venerable Capital, experts in marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we have one of the latest trends of wine, vegan wine, whose consumption is increasing to high levels in recent times.

    The growing ecological awareness is taking place in all areas, and wine is no exception. Let’s go for it!

    What is vegan wine

    First of all, you may be wondering: What is the difference between a vegan wine and any other wine? Well, it is very simple, the difference lies in the process of clarification of the wine.

    The problem is that the process uses products of animal origin such as egg albumin, casein (derived from milk), ichthyocolla (bladder of some fish) and gelatine (extracted from animal cartilage).

    vegan wine

    Therefore, vegans will not be able to drink traditional wines. From here, various alternatives are offered to solve this problem.

    For the clarification process of vegan wines, other resources are used such as peas, potatoes, wheat, although the most common fining agent is bentonite (clay powder). More and more ways of purifying wine are being found, and even very useful substances like seaweed (carrageenans).

    Characteristics and how to tell the difference

    In recent years, the production of vegan wines has increased in response to people who have an absolute respect for animals and the environment. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a good selection of vegan wines in many appellations.

    As for their characteristics, we know that no animal products are used in their production. In addition, they have a V-Label certificate and the amount of sulphites are not regulated.

    Although there is no official certificate to identify this wine, we will be able to distinguish it easily as it will have a green and yellow label on the bottle.

    vino vegano

    That’s all for today! From Venerable Capital, experts in marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we hope you liked the post and we invite you to visit our wine section to know everything we offer. See you next time!

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