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    Venerable Capital facing the health crisis of COVID-19

    donacion de zumos a la policia covid 19

    Venerable Capital facing the health crisis of COVID-19

    Good morning to everybody. At Venerable Capital, a group made up of distribution and marketing companies for beverages, tobacco and smokers’ articles, we have been working from the outset to adopt the appropriate measures in order to protect the health and safety of our employees, partners and customers.

    Measures taken by the Company to slow the advance of the virus

    In the context of the scenario generated by the health crisis caused by COVID-19, and in accordance with the health recommendations indicated by the government entities of the countries in which we operate to contain the virus, mitigation of the risk of exposure to the virus prevails applying the need to close the work centers and digitize the internal processes to be able to start work from home between the staff of our central offices and sales force until the situation is contained.
    quedate en casa por el covis 19

    Not being able to adopt this same measure among the logistics personnel, internal action protocols have been applied in order to protect each and every one of our employees, and guarantee the normality of the service as far as possible. To all this, we add the involvement of the team of professionals who, at a time like this without precedent, have joined forces for the continuity of the service.

    Also, evaluations of stock of products have been carried out in an exceptional way, increasing the volumes of the most demanded references, in order to guarantee the service and minimize the consequences caused by the closure of borders and the stoppage of factory production.

    Solidarity in times of crisis

    On April 8, 2020, the West Africa & Gulf Company LTD (WAGCOL) of the Venerable Capital group that operates in the Ghanaian domestic market as a marketer and distributor of international products through its network of warehouses and stores, together with the Spanish company J. García Carrión (JGC), wanted to show their support and gratitude to the Accra Police Administration in these difficult times caused by the health crisis of COVID-19.

    venerable capital contral el coronavirus

    The WAGCOL team, together with the JGC representative, delivered 7,200 liters of Don Simon fruit juice to Mr. Nathan Kofi Boakye, Director General of Investigation, Planning and Transformation, who received the products on behalf of the Police Administration and thanked the support of the collaborating companies.

    This event was echoed by the Spanish Embassy in Ghana.

    All the team that forms the Venerable Capital group, recognizes the work and effort that all the people who maintain essential services are doing as well as the people who mitigate the risk of contagion by staying at their homes, transferring their support and gratitude.

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