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What is grape must and the differences with wine?

hacienda casarejo

What is grape must and the differences with wine?

¡Good morning to you all! Today, from Venerable Capital, specialists in the distribution and export of drinks, we bring you an entry about a non-alcoholic drink. In this case we will talk about what is popularly known as grape must, or non-alcoholic wine.
It is very common to read enophiles to talk continuously about the quality and taste of wines. However, virtually no mention is made of the other products that are extracted from the manufacturing process. Grape must is what you might know as grape juice.

How do you get the grape must?

The process of obtaining it, is carried out in the early stages of wine production. The process to obtain it is known as squeezing. In this process, the grape undergoes a rupture by pressure. The pressure of this process is a very important element, since the breakage of other plant elements should not occur.
From this process, a viscous paste is formed by pressed pulp, broken skin. This paste is transferred by pressure pumps to the press assembly.

grape must

Differences between wine and grape must

To begin with, the first difference lies in the fact that the must arises from the first steps of obtaining the wine. Once the grape must has been obtained, the fermentation of the wine begins.
The main difference lies in the composition of the must. In its case it is obtained from seeds, stems, skins, and fresh juice. In addition, the grape must is not fermented, therefore it maintains all the sugars that are obtained in the manufacturing process.

difference between wine and grape must

And here ends today’s post. See you with another new post next week!