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    What is white must? Features

    White must

    What is white must? Features

    At Venerable Capital we have spent years dedicating ourselves to the export of non-alcoholic wines. Today we are going to talk about the well-known must and, specifically, about the white must.

    What is white must?

    The must is the juice of the grape and is considered one of the first stages of winemaking. In case of white must, it comes from white grapes, which are pressed and squeezed to obtain a juice with great nutritional properties and a high antioxidant value.

    The juice obtained provides a long list of health benefits such as improving blood circulation that strengthens our heart or the regeneration of body tissues thanks to the large amount of Vitamin E it contains, as well as its ability to combat tiredness and improve mood.

     smooth bubbly white wort

    Types of white must

    Depending on the production process through which the white grape has passed, we can find three types of musts:

    • Simple must: obtained after pressing the grape.
    • Concentrated must: if the must obtained is passed through a dehydration process, we will get the concentrated must. In this phase we will obtain a very sweet thick liquid since what is done is to eliminate most of the water that the grape contains.
    • Sulfated must: comes from the preservation of simple must based on oxygen and potassium salt or sulfur.

    All of them require an exhaustive treatment of the grape, in this case white. They must go through a selection process, from which only those grapes that are whole, ripe and totally clean will come out, since they seek to take advantage of all the liquid inside. In addition, the temperature of the must should be below 20 degrees to prevent it from losing all the properties that white grapes have.


    The great uses of must

    Knowing types of must, these can be used in their different stages to make other beverages. For example, to obtain juices or ciders. But, without a doubt, the best known of its uses is the production of sweet wines, since must increases the sugars in the production of wines and even the degree of alcohol they contain.

    White wine is the drink obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of white must and, therefore, obtaining a good must is essential to obtain an aromatic wine, free of turbidity and above all loaded with quality.

     white wine based on white must

    That is all for today! We hope you liked this new article and are encouraged to try the white must. From Venerable Capital we invite you to take a look at our website to see all the products we sell. See you soon!

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