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    Wine liking, Determine your personality?

    wine liking

    Wine liking, Determine your personality?

    Today in Venerable Capital, experts in commercialization and distribution of alcohol and tobacco, we want to talk you about how wine liking may define your personality. Are you a wine lover? In that case you have to read this post to know everything.

    A study realised in United Kindom says that the consumption of a type of wine and social habits are so related. Do you want to know why?

    If we analyse the information, there are lots of people whose personality change their wine choice. The fiability is not a 100%, but we can difference the consumers into red wine, white wine and rosé wine.

    wine liking

    Red wine liking

    They are people ho get married habitually. Most of them have studied in university and drink wine regularly.

    If we see their personality, they are relaxed inteligent and confident people. They earn more money than others wine lovers so they like to open their mind and travel around the world.

    White wine preference

    The results of the study say that a 43% of people assisted at least once at university. Also, 85% of them are not interested in a relationship. They like living alone.

    They like its confortable space and are recognised for being practical, calmed and shy. This people love the daily routine in their lifes.

    Rosé wine liking

    This survey respondants say that they like living in pairs. They enjoy the constant changing in life. Usually, this people like breaking the rules and find some different. Rosé wine liking people are outgoing and party lovers.

    We could think they are social media fanatics because they visit social networks 13 times a week.

    types of wine

    In conclusion, we find that red wine lovers usually have a relaxed life, with some commodities. On the other hand, white wine consumer is more relaxed and shy and rosé wine drinkers are the opposite of them.

    In Venerable Capital, society of commercialization of alcohol and tobacco, we hope you liked this post and we invite you to visit our blog. See you!

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