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Alcoholic beverages market, what is its situation?

Alcoholic beverages market

Alcoholic beverages market, what is its situation?

Good morning everyone! Today from Venerable Capital marketing and distribution, we will talk about the alcoholic beverages sector. If we decide to participate in this sector, it is important to know data on the evolution, growth and consumption trends in this type of beverages. In today’s blog we will try to analyse the situation of the alcoholic beverages market.


The alcoholic beverages market experienced growth of 25.4% compared to 2020 and 13% versus 2019. The increase in mobility following the end of confinements, and the revival of consumption and social life in general largely drove this growth. On the other hand, 2021 saw the resumption of some mass events, which also greatly helped to improve the sector’s performance.

Global alcoholic beverages are showing positive signs of recovery, with volume growth expected to continue over the next few years.

Spirit drinks


Analysis and knowledge of the spirits market enables business decision-makers, and the companies themselves, to formulate better plans and strategies to meet the demand for the products they market.

Among alcoholic beverages, beer is the most widely consumed. In 2020, a total of 142,258.2 million litres were consumed worldwide. But if we focus on spirits, the vodka leads the ranking.

Healthy and sustainable drinks

Consumers today tend to demand products that share the company’s or brand’s interest in ethical and sustainable consumption. In this sense, brands that innovate with organic beverages, free of additives and transparent labelling, respond to the trend towards responsible consumption and commitment to the environment.

Portion control cans

Initially, the canned format came into play as part of the on-the-go trend (easy to consume and transport). However, in the wake of the pandemic, canned wines and spirits are geared towards the portion control trend. In other words, cans make it possible to control the number of calories in the drink, as well as the consumption of units of alcohol, in an accessible and affordable way.

alcohol sector

There is a growing trend towards consumers controlling their calorie intake and reducing sugar consumption.  And this leads us to understand, on the one hand, the growing interest in the consumption of sustainable and healthier beverages, as well as the purchase of canned alcoholic beverages.

So much for today’s blog, if you are interested in marketing and distribution, stay tuned to our blog. At Venerable Capital we have a range of drinks that you are sure to love, click here and discover them.