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    Benefits and properties of white wine

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    Benefits and properties of white wine

    Good morning to all. Today, from Venerable Capital, company of marketing and distribution of alcohol and tobacco , we are going to talk to you about the benefits that white wine has on our health.

    The moderate consumption of wine can be beneficial for health according to different studies. We all know the benefits of red wine, but white wine also has various beneficial properties. However, it is important to remember that the key to reaping the benefits of wine consumption lies in moderation. Excessive consumption of any alcoholic beverage can lead to negative health consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to consume wine in moderation, ideally one glass per day for women and up to two glasses per day for men.

    It is the only wine that can be made with any type of grape. In addition, it is the perfect companion for poultry stews, soups and dishes containing meat, as well as cheeses.

    benefits of wine white for health

    What are the benefits of white wine?

    Like red wine, white wine is good for the heart . Prevents cardiovascular diseases , decreasing blood clotting and increasing the level of “good” cholesterol in the blood.

    Thanks to its antioxidant power, it reduces the risk of cancer and slows down aging. The amount of antioxidants in white wine is similar to that of red or olive oil.

    Its antioxidant power also allows to prevent the appearance of lung diseases.

    The phenolic acid contained in white grapes helps protect us from diseases of our brain health .

    It is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages , with dry white wine having the fewest calories compared to sweet.

    However, in addition to these benefits, remember that it is important to drink in moderation.

    Venerable Capital and white wine

    At Venerable Capital, an alcohol and tobacco marketing and distribution company , we have a wide variety of white wines, among others, so that you can enjoy their benefits.

    Castillo Real Chardonnay.

    Castillo white wine benefits Real Chardonnay

    Hacienda Casarejo White Wine .

    Hacienda Casarejo white wine benefits

    Feel free to contact us for any questions. Until next time!

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