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    Bitters. What are they and what are their uses?


    Bitters. What are they and what are their uses?

    ¡Good morning! Today from Venerable Capital, your trusted beverage distribution company, we bring you a very interesting article about what the Bitters are and their uses within the cocktail bar.

    It is quite common that for those people who are not part of the cocktail business the term bitters is unknown to them. These bitters are small bottles of liquor found on the bartender table. They are used with the aim of giving the last touch to the cocktail, providing certain nuances or flavors.

    History of bitters

    To begin with, bitters have been present in our society for centuries. As you may well know, alcohol was used in ancient times for medicinal purposes. Thus, bitters would begin as herbal infusions, intended to cure different diseases.

    In the 19th century there were many brands of these liqueurs. This fact was understandable, given their role in extolling beverages. During this period, these liqueurs were well known for their role in the making of a famous beverage such as smoked brandy.

    As time went by, the popularity of bitters increased and they were not only used for medicinal purposes or to improve the flavor of alcoholic beverages, but they were also used in the elaboration of cocktails. Bitters became an essential ingredient in the preparation of drinks such as the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned or the Negroni, and today they are an essential part of modern cocktails. In addition, there are many varieties of bitters with different flavors and aromas, allowing bartenders to experiment and create new recipes to delight the most demanding palates.



    Current situation of these drinks

    Currently, there are bitters of all kinds, from different types of herbs to those with fruit flavors such as orange. In addition, these drinks are characterized by a high alcohol content. They usually contain 35 to 45% alcohol by volume. Hence the fact that their presence in cocktails is in small quantities.

    Bitters are essential ingredients in the preparation of cocktails and drinks, as they add flavor and aroma to the mixture. In addition, their use has been extended in the kitchen, being used in the preparation of dishes and desserts to add a bitter and complex touch.

    bikila bitters

    One of its main characteristics is that they usually have a bitter taste. Being made from herbs, roots, fruits, leaves and other kinds of dishes, there are very varied flavors. Thus we can find bitters flavored with orange, lavender, mint, pear or vanilla.

    And so much for today’s article! If you are a cocktail lover or want to get into this world, don’t hesitate to try the bitters. In our product catalog you can find the well-known Bikila Bitters, which is characterized by its unique orange flavor. In case you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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