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    Comet Cigars, our tobacco export company

    comet cigars

    Comet Cigars, our tobacco export company

    Good morning to all from Venerable Capital. As you know, we are a company specialized in the export and import of beverages and tobacco. In today’s post we will talk about smoking and smoking accessories from Venerable Capital. We offer a wide selection of high quality products, which we distribute worldwide.

    COMET, an international tobacco distribution company

    COMET Cigars is one of the companies that is part of the Venerable Capital family. Based in Madrid, it operates the integration of its distribution, financing, commercial and marketing services, with customers and partners throughout the world.

    Of the categories of products the company has, the most important are those of tobacco and smoker accessories.

    COMET Cigars tobacco

    If there is anything COMET has, it is a variety of products. Both cigarettes and tobacco, whether rolling, pipe or water pipe are available, for example, within our range of cigarettes, we offer a variety of different mixtures and flavors.

    An example of this is the “Bravo for you Mini V”, which are unfiltered cigarettes with vanilla flavor, highly recommended!

    Smoking Accessories

    COMET goes a step further when it comes to offering tobacco products, as it has a wide range of accessories in its portfolio, ranging from accessories for cigars and lighters to grinders, cigarette cases, water pipes, etc.

    These products are specially designed For those companies that want quality products to offer their customers, since COMET only works with the best materials. We are convinced that our tobacco and tobacco products will be of the quality that your customers deserve.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. See you in the next post!

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