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Three Drinks Recommendations For Summer

Three drinks recommendations for summer

Three Drinks Recommendations For Summer

Good morning everybody from Venerable Capital, a company specializing in the export and import of beverages and tobacco. Today we are going to tell you about some of our favourite alcoholic beverages available in our product portfolio. We have a very wide range of high-quality alcoholic beverages which we distribute internationally, but as mentioned above, we will introduce you to three of the best drinks recommendations for summer.

First of all, we our going to tell you about two of our favourite mixers: the Shaka Mixer Coco-Pineapple and the Shaka Mixer Mojito.


Shaka Mixer Coco-Pineapple


cocktail coco y piña


Experience the true taste of summer with the Shaka Mixer Coco-Pineapple. It is the perfectly balanced mix of coco and pineapple, one of the most popular cocktails. Its intense and refreshing taste will give you a unique and tropical experience.


Shaka Mixer Mojito



Who does not love a good Mojito? The Mojito is one of the most popular cocktails around and we can certainly see why: the perfect combination of mint, lime, rum and soda make for a beautiful flavour experience in your mouth.

At Venerable Capital we present you with the ideal low alcoholic alternative to this classic cocktail with the Shaka Mixer Mojito. It is available in elegant, smooth and shiny can, with the refreshing flavours guaranteed to induce your senses.


Bikila Bitters



Are the sweet mixers not particularly your thing and would you prefer something stronger, like a bitter? At Venerable Capital we have the perfect beverage in stock for you: the Bikila Bitters.

Bikila clearly stands out from the main other liquors with its unique taste, featuring sweet and aromatic wild oranges smell. Bikila focuses all its potential in these two formulas and distinguished itself from other liquors, because these taste notes and smells can only be identified in our Bikila.

This is one of Bikila’s strengths: the recipe is one of a kind, where it is the only one that contains them.

That is all from us at Venerable Capital today, we hope that you can fully enjoy your summer now with our recommendations for drinks. If you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you a pleasant day!