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    Quality red wine: characteristics and properties

    corps vin rouge

    Quality red wine: characteristics and properties

    Good morning! Today from Venerable Capital , specialists in distribution and commercialization of alcohol and tobacco, we are going to talk to you about the different characteristics that a quality red wine has to got. Do you know which they are?

    Many experts and sommeliers think that there are none bad or good red wines, it depends on the characteristics and personal opinions from each one. But if there is something in which we can agree is the fact that there are three characteristics or properties that can determine the quality of the red wine.

    The three properties of a quality red wine:

    The sweetness

    For those who don´t know, the sweetness is also known as the level of dryness of the wine. This characteristic depends on the amount of sugar that the wine contains. This sugar comes from the process which is known as fermentation. Generally, the sweetness can be perceived on the edges of the wine glass. The sweeter the wine is, the more viscous it will be. 

    swetness red wine

    This sugar always depends on the maturation of the grape. The more mature it is, the more swetness it will be. This is why, it is so important the date when they make the grape harvest.

    The acidity

    The acidity is a factor which depends on the weather conditions of the year when the grape harvest is made. This is why the wine from the same company, can have different flavor from one year to the next. The acidity determines which is known as the body of the wine. The acid the wine is, the light it will be. We can see the body of the wine when we look through the bottle. 

     red wine acidity

    If you don´t know what the body of the wine is, it is the sensations in the person’s mouth and tongue. It depend mainly on tannins, which are components that arise due to the skin of the grape seed.

    The fruity flavor

    Sometimes, there are wines that when we taste them they got a flavor wich is similar to fruits like strawberry, cherries or blackberry. This is due to the type of grape which is used to make the wine. So that there can be wines which flavor is more or less similar to those fruits.

    red fruity wine

    This type of wines are characterized by being light and balanced. They are generally wines that seduce by their very different smell. Wines that give a wide range of flavors on the palate.


    As we have said before, the choice of a good red wine will depend on the personal taste of each. So that it will be necessary to know what is the level of acidity and sweetness that we like the most, as well as if we are fond of fruity wines.

    In Venerable Capital, we have a wide variety of red wines in our catalogue, in each of them in the specifications section you will find the degree of acidity and sweetness. So that we can find wines as the Hacienda Casarejo or the Alma de Orán. And that was the post for today. We hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for reading us!

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