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COMPARA complementos y parafernalia


COMPARA complementos y parafernalia

COMPARA is a young company founded on the enthusiasm of a sales team with a wealth of experience in the segment of accessories and paraphernalia in the liquor channel.

Its close collaboration with the most representative national and international brands is the driving force behind it becoming a commercial leader in this product category. This category is evolving at the same pace as the consumption trends of the most in-demand brands, and Compara is committed to wholly meeting the needs of its customers at all times.

Shaka mixer energy-vodka

Shaka Mixer Energy-Vodka 22%

High alcohol mixed drink, ready to drink. The perfect mix of vodka and energy drink, to enjoy at any moment.


Sold in cans | 250 ml

  • detalles del producto

    Alcoholic graduation 22 %vol
Units x Tray
Trays x 20ft Container
Santa Juice 200 ml

Santa Juice Isabel 200 ml

The Santa Isabel Juice range of products are made from a selection of high quality fruits, picked at their optimum ripeness and enriched with vitamins to obtain smoother, more exotic and lighter flavours than traditional fruit juices.


Flavours available:  Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Orange, Multifruit, Red grape and  Peach.


 Juice percentage  15% – 50%


Units x Box

Boxes x 20ft Container

cerveza Santa Isabel 4,5%

Beer Santa Isabel 4.5%

It is light, pleasantly refreshing, with an aroma of hops and a blend of sweetness and slight bitterness.


Sold in cans |  330 ml


    Alcoholic graduation 4,5 %vol
Units x Tray
Trays x 20ft Container

Beer La Fría

La Fría is a golden beer, with a bright appearance and persistent foam. It gives a mild flavor, with a fruity aroma and a very refreshing effect.

Available in cans | 330 ml

  • Tasting

    Visual phase Golden colored beer, bright and with persistent foam.
    Olfactory phase Fruity aroma with subtle floral notes of hops.
    Gustatory phase In the mouth it has a soft bitterness, but with a sensation of body and very balanced, with a silky texture.
Units x Case (Can, 33cl)
Cases x Container 20" feet
Units x Case (Can, 33cl)
Cases x Container 40" feet

Santa Isabel Big Bertha Beer

Santa Isabel is a golden amber beer that it is made with barley malt, maize, and hops, with creamy persistent foam and a characteristic favour that is mild and fine with a fruity aroma.


Can Size | 500 ml


  • Product Details

    Alcoholic graduation 5.6 %vol
    PH 4.3 ± 0.3
    CO2 5 ± 0.3 g/l
    O2 ≤ 0.35 ppm
    Color 6.5 ± 1.5 EBC



    Visual phase Santa Isabel beer is a golden beer, with a creamy and consistent foam
    Olfactory phase It has a fruity aroma
    Gustatory phase Its characteristic flavor and the proportion of its ingredients, gives rise to a good taste balance that persists in the palate


Units x Case (Can, 50cl)
Cases x Container 20" feet
Units x Case (Can, 50cl)
Cases x Container 40" feet

Shaka Malt

Shaka Malt is a malt beverage made from barley and hops. It is characterized by its sweet flavor, intense aroma and caramel color, being perfect to serve and enjoy cold.

Presentation in cans 330 ml

Units x Box (Can 50cl)
Boxes x Container 20" feet
Units x Box (Can 33cl)
Boxes x Container 40" feet

Castillo Real Red Wine BIB

A lively cherry-colored red wine with purple rims that denote youth, thanks to its clean and intense appearance with hints of red fruits.

3L Bag in Box composed of a hermetically sealed bag inside a box with a tap.


Origin | Cuidad Real, Spain.

Bottle Size| 3 L

  • product details

    Type Young Red Wine
    Grape Variety 100 % Tempranillo.
    Alcoholic Content 12,5%vol
    Residual Sugars 3 g/l
    Size 29 x 19 x 24 cm.

Units x Case

Cases x Container 20`` Feet