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    The importance you should know about wine

    The importance you should know about wine

    Good morning everyone and welcome back to our blog. Today, from Venerable Capital, an alcohol and tobacco marketing and distribution company, we want to talk to you about the importance you should know about wine, always committed to providing you with the best.


    The importance that you should know about wines when choosing the perfect one for the occasion, it is essential that you know that not all wines are born from the fermentation of grape juice that has a lot of poetry and magic, some are more natural than others, but they are still authentic.

    The difference lies in the long process of elaboration of the product, from the time the grape is harvested until it is served in the glass, and a greater or lesser human intervention is crucial to obtain one result or the other.

    Important tips you should know about wine

    There is a great variety of wines, but we know that all palates are not the same and you can see the differences that stand out between the different types of wine, this is based on the variety of the grape, the climate where it was grown, and the know-how of the winery, etc.


    How to Taste a Wine

    It is not really necessary to be an expert to taste a wine, it is enough to sharpen our senses to better grasp its characteristics, and try to describe them to ourselves (in our own words if necessary). Little by little we will be distinguishing more and more things.

    How to choose wine

    On many occasions we have heard that the more expensive wine is better. Buying an expensive wine ensures a certain quality, but it is not always the best option. Much depends on our tastes and the situation in which we are going to consume it. That is why it is important to cultivate our own criteria when evaluating a wine.

    Choice to pair wine and food

     It is the act that is carried out when selecting and combining these elements so that when consumed together, both enhance their positive characteristics, making it a more satisfying experience. In terms of wine pairing, there are no rules recorded by fire, since when our senses intervene in the way we perceive the colors, aromas, flavors and textures of food, the final result always has a large component of subjectivity.

    What types of wine are there?

    Still wine: Red, white or rosé. Without bubbles and with less than 15º of alcohol.

    Sparkling wine: Cava, Champagne and others. They obtain the bubbles thanks to a second fermentation in the bottle.

    Sparkling wine: They incorporate gas artificially, like a soft drink. For example, the Lambrusco.

    Liqueur or generous wine: wines with more than 13º or 14º of alcohol, many add more alcohol, but there are also dry ones such as fines, chamomile, amontillado, odorous, etc.).

    What you should know about wine

    Wine serving temperature

    Red wine between 16º and 18º C. If the ambient temperature is higher … we will have to cool it in an ice bucket with ice and water.

    The sparkling ones, at about 8º. Fresh from the fridge and kept in an ice bucket.

    White wine between 12º and 16º C. Keep it in the fridge, and remove it a little before consuming it (then it heats up quickly).

    Fortified or fortified wines are served even colder. At 5th or 7th if they are dry, and at 4th or 5th if they are sweet.

    Important elements that impact the quality of the wine

    The earth: The soil contributes specific characteristics to the wine, it is of great importance to know this, because according to the quality of the harvest the results of the wine’s flavor will be obtained.

    The climate: The warmer, the more powerful the wine will be, and it will have more body and more alcohol. And the colder, more acidic and refreshing.

    The varietal or type of grape: The variety of grapes is essential when determining the character of a wine is of great importance. To better understand the world of wine, it is also necessary to think in terms of varietals.

    The production: Once the grapes are obtained, the winemaker’s know-how is decisive in obtaining a quality wine: the fermentation temperature, the filtering and clarification process, the possible mixture of varietals, the type of barrel used for aging, etc.

    We hope that these tips have been useful for you when selecting a wine. At Venerable Capital we are dedicated to exporting tobacco internationally. If you want to venture into this field, do not hesitate to contact us through our form. We look forward to your inquiry!

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